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Crabgrass/Annual Bluegrass Preemergence Timer (GDD 32)
through Sun, Jan. 22. 2017




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Latest Updates

April 7th, 2016Email Alerts Delayed

PLEASE NOTE: There was a problem with the email alert process. It has been fixed now, and we apologize for the problem.

March 15th, 2016Uncharted territory.

By any measure (or base temperature), the Midwest and most of North America is tracking way ahead of recent years. This is going to require turf managers to use additional "local knowledge" to incorporate GDD totals into their decision making. Remember with Proxy/Primo apps that in addition to being in the target range you want to be 100% green and you have mowed at least twice. Also, remember that a target range is a RANGE. Meaning that applications within the window will work equally well. So there is not penalty to watch a little basketball before loading up your sprayer.

March 7th, 2016Goodbye snow, hello sunshine.

This is the second week in a row with multiple days in the 60+ range. Many courses are set for the earliest opening in years. GDD totals are tracking 3+ weeks ahead of average. Rain in the forecast and more sunshine will keep things accelerating through next week.