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Bluegrass Billbug Activity - OSU (GDD 50)
through Wed, Feb. 21. 2018


East Lansing, MI


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Latest Updates

February 17th, 2018Welcome to a New GDD Season!

GDDTracker is ready for 2018 with GDD tracking that began on February 15. New this year will be the Smith-Kerns Dollar Spot Prediction Model which will be launching soon. Check back soon for additional details!

March 29th, 2017Timing crabgrass pre-emergence applications

Please note that Dr. Frank has written another helpful article available from the MSU Extension web site.



March 9th, 2017Controlling Annual Bluegrass Seedheads: Spray Now or Wait?

Dr. Kevin Frank has posted a useful article at the MSU Extension website. Please note it is written specifically for Michigan but may apply to other midwest regions.

"Growing degree-days have accumulated quickly, but it may not yet be time to apply plant growth regulators to control annual bluegrass seedheads on golf courses.

Read more: http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/controlling_annual_bluegrass_seedheads_spray_now_or_wait


February 26th, 2017Early Spring in Michigan: Boom or Bust?

Dr. Kevin Frank has posted a helpful article on the MSU Extension website. Much of the midwest is experiencing the same (very) early warm-up, so non-Michiganders may find it help as well!


February 16th, 2017Missing weather data

All air temperature data has been accounted for now.