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Early Season Fungicide App for Dollar Spot Suppression (GDD 50)
through Fri, Feb. 5. 2016


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Latest Updates

May 4th, 2015Early Season DMI Sprays Happening Now

The DMI timer has been sprinting across the Midwest region. Finally a string of warm weather has triggers alerts across Illinois and Ohio and closing in on Michigan.

March 23rd, 2015Crabgrass PRE Indicators Moving North

Last week started with a bang, but was mostly mild and steady. Evening winds helped things dry out here and there. Most accumulations are on pace with 2014 or slightly ahead now. Snow in Chicago today is a reminder that March is not over. Sign up for you automatic alerts using the link above.

March 16th, 2015Melting Snow, Clear Skies

What a difference a week makes. I think we can see spring from here. As the weather forecast from last week indicated, we made up for lost time across the Midwest last week. Most models are at or ahead of last year after being behind.

March 16th, 2015Mapping and Forecast Functions Restored

Well, that was fun. After a little bit of lost sleep (OK, actually several nights) the mapping and forecast functions have been restored. Thanks to the GDDTracker technical team for sticking with it to get this fixed.

March 10th, 2015Follow GDDTracker on Twitter.

We will be providing periodic updates and comments this spring via Twitter. If you would like to be part of that conversation, give us a follow @gddtracker.

March 9th, 2015Spring is on the way (we hope).

GDDTracker is reset for 2015. Although it's been abnormally cold for most the region it looks like things will warm up for most of this week and start melting some snow. Over the winter the NWS upgraded their forecast resolution (which is great), however, this is playing havoc with our mapping formulas. We are re-writing the code so we can properly provide forecasts by zip code. Stay tuned, hope to have this fixed soon.

March 2nd, 2014Ready, Set... Reset, Go!

The GDD totals were mistakenly reset on Jan 3rd instead of Feb 15th. This has been corrected. Some alerts may be resent due to the change. Thank you!

April 9th, 2013GDDTracker Expands Coverage

With initial funding provided by the Michigan State University and the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation, GDDTracker has been helping turf managers schedule Poa annua seedhead suppression applications throughout the Great Lakes states since 2004. Over the last couple years we've been considering several strategies for expanding the geographical reach of GDDTracker beyond our base region. After much consideration we have decided to expand coverage from Colorado to the atlantic coast. Historically the models we've used to schedule PGR applications to suppress Poa seedheads in our region have been successful but as we move outside of our immediate comfort zone users should keep in mind that the ultimate combination of personal observations, experience, and GDD models should all be considered when scheduling applications. Although GDDTracker started as a guide for scheduling PGR applications for Poa seedhead suppression, over the years we have added models for crabgrass preemergence, spring broadleaf, and others. As GDDTracker grows we will continue to move forward with additional models. We hope you find GDDTracker useful for your operation and as always your feedback is always encouraged.